Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Estonian Knitting

Have you ever wondered about Estonian knitting and what makes it different from other country knitting?  Kate Davies Designs has posted a review of the book--Estonian Knitting 1, Traditions & Techniques, Anu Pink, Siiri Reimann, Kristi Jöeste  

Estonian World has some interesting facts as well.

And along comes Elizabeth Ravenwood on Ravelry group A Big Comfy Doghouse forum
with 2017 year of Estonian patterns!  I'm so excited!

If that wasn't exciting enough, Toni L. Lorenz, of Knitting in the Loft forum group
is hosting a different Estonian sampler for 2017--completely different 
How much fun is this going to be?!!  Hope I can keep up with this adventure
and learn about Estonian knitting.

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