Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday--Time To Go Home

The weekends are always too short!  There is never enough Saturday and Sunday hours--oh, sad!
But, we'll come another weekend or maybe even a week.

Before we head back to Interstate 10 and drive East, let me tell you about a few more of our favorite wineries to visit in Hill Country.  There is this story about a French Winemaker who settled in Texas and he makes absolutely the best French style wines around and that is Ben Calais.  His Wine Cave--yes, you read right--wine cave is only open on weekends and by appointment.
This is a special place to visit on special occasions and we took the time to make that
appointment and sipped some great reds and whites.  Make it a point to stop here on your next trip--you won't be disappointed!

Yesterday I said there were over 50 wineries in Hill Country and here is a list:

But, if you travel any part of Texas you'll find over 275 wineries throughout the regions!

So much wine--so little time!
See you back on the home front tomorrow!

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