Friday, July 29, 2016

HI HO! It's Off To Visit Hill Country!

It's a day trip but we are taking three days to taste our way through some fabulous wineries located in and around Fredericksburg, TX.  WHAT?  You've never been there!  I'm shocked!  It's a great location to kick back and enjoy some good Texas wines.  We have rented a two bedroom, 2 bath house from Absolute Charm, but there are plenty of other accommodations to suit your needs.

We're staying in the Creek Street Retreat!  When it was just two of us, we stayed in the 
back unit.  We have a full kitchen, but why bother to cook though when you receive breakfast
coupons for local restaurants.  We are only two blocks from Main Street, where
all the action takes place.

Last night on our way into Fredericksburg, we visited William Chris, Hye, TX, on East 290 
We are Hye Society members of this winery, so it's a pop in to see what's new--
take a glass and sit under the large oak trees and enjoy the breeze, birds whistling their
tunes, and good wine! 

We had dinner at the Crossroads Saloon, just a short walk from our little bungalow.
Since it's Thursday night we enjoyed their $20 specials plus 1/2 price on a bottle of wine!
This is the perfect way to begin our adventure in Fredericksburg! 

We are spending our morning with our builder--yes, we are going to build a house
in Hill Country--more on that as we progress!

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