Friday, July 22, 2016

It's Always Good To Be Home!

The journey has ended--we are home, safe in our own beds--our journey took us to many interesting locations where we met super people, shared good food, wine and conversation.  The Historic places we visited will always be in our memories--the people we met will share a place in our hearts.

As we traveled, I used my smart phone to post photos and write this blog--it wasn't easy to say all I wanted to say about those historic places.  The computers in business center of hotels were difficult to maneuver--sometimes, you feel so dumb--especially when all other nationalities can speak your language and you butcher theirs!  Oh, well--everyone is very kind, helpful and supportive when you are a foreigner traveling in their land.  I would only hope we can afford them the same courtesy when they visit ours.

A wrap up of places and things we saw and I didn't post about:
The Grand Residenz of Munich was almost totally wiped out with WWII bombing--as many
of the historic places we visited in Germany--
true to saving history, the Residentz is being refurbished to its once beauty.
History will remain--walking into this magnificent hall--took your breath away!
This was the dining hall and only one of the 170 rooms-- We walked through
65-80 of the rooms--just unbelieveable. 

The fiascos are slowly being repaired--to think that all the work of 1600's
was almost gone, but still faintly mark their spots.
I thought I saw a spinning wheel in the right corner.
But, look at the molding--how awesome is that?! 

This is a Persian wool tapestry from 1600
Luckily, alot of these treasures were taken out of the rooms
and stored in Austria during WWII

The close up detail.

And the beers of Germany and the people are two of the highlights
besides the historic buildings.  we visited the Hofbrauhaus to sample
a beer and some sausages--the beers are government controlled--
so there are no flavored beers and all beers taste about the same to me.
Here we sat next to an East German couple who were coming to
Munich for holiday.  They spoke excellent English and answered our
questions about beers and sausage--even shared a bite of their 
pig knuckle--delightful people rule this world 

And the churches!! What else can I say about the churches?
such lovely places to sit, listen and pray!

a world known to many Christians
We stood here  and we got goosebumps!  Here is where history was in the
making--this was Hitler's Nazi party rally grounds--so eerie to think millions
walked these grounds and saluted
Here is the view from the time period.
This is so depressing to think about.

Yes, we had a grand journey--and now, we settle into daily life and routine.
Thank you for taking the journey with me.

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