Friday, July 15, 2016

A Might Fortress

We are off the river cruise after 7 days--
We stayed on night in Luxenbourg
We took taxi from the port, costing 70 E
While others were continuing onto Paris
We are heading to Franfurt by train

We walked a short distance into the city--marveled
At the town fortress built around
We found a "hop on hop off" bus in
Order to see some of city.  Our walk back to
Hotel took us by this historic church

It is Cathedral of Our Lady

It was a rainy afternoon but we able to avoid 
Showers as we rode bus or stopped in for lunch
In French restaurant.  Here you will hear many 
Languages spoken.  Luxenbourg is the financial 
Center of Europe with many banks and financial 

I thought you'd like to see our shower--red and blue lights. 
The shower sits in the middle of the room! 

The elevator changes colors with each floor advancement 
Quite modern hotel with contemporary features.  Of course, 
For security you must insert room key to go up in elevator
And as all European hotels, a key is required for electricity in your room

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