Friday, July 8, 2016

Praha Life

Everyone has traffic problems!  Ticket for her!

Very modern building--Fred and Ginger titled--all pieces were added piece at a time

The view from the Charles Bridge--Praha is a city of bridges and spires

I liked the lace work in the window of the apartment

gate to Charles Bridge--built during Charles VI reign--once the entrance into the city

The view down the river, now lined with restaurants, boat launches

\Here is the statue of Saint that was tortured and thrown from the bridge
it is said if you rub the site of statue and make a wish, it will come true.
you can see where many hands have rubbed for their wish.
\hubby was one that made a wish too

A trip to the Prague castle--the largest in the world.
The site is unbelievable!

and the view is the best of the city of Praha

The cathedral is situated in the middle of the castle--built in 
800's AD

It is said you could spend days wondering through the castle grounds
there is much to see, but we only spent a few hours there before heading
back to catch our shuttle to the hotel.

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