Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Being A Tourist!

With assistance of our hotel concierge and good maps, 
We were heading out to be a tourist in Munich.  
He circled the most important highlights to visit
And also gave us Ubon train info

This is our station--I took photo to remember

We arrived at Marien Platz @ 10:50 AM-- there is work taking 
Place around the town hall.  Large groups of fellow tourists from 
Various countries were standing around the area; some guides, some like us on their own
You can see a quiet protest taking place with the 3 with signs--no idea what they
Were protesting.  We've seen several of these small groups in other cities


Here we are--looking up at the Glockenspiel!  
How lucky to arrive before 11--it only shows at 
11, noon & 5.  Quite by chance did we arrive at this time

The town hall was built in 1870's--glockenspiel was built in 1908
The church bells nearby ring at the stroke of 11 and we wait
Nothing happens till 2 minutes after the bells and the
Presentation begins!  A story unfolds of a marriage
Lovely to watch this action, even if you must crane your neck to see

The town hall is quite impressive 

We venture to St Peter Church and then toFrauenkirche (Dom)
Where a large art installation is featured in the middle.  This is called 
Heart oNumberOne by Michael Pendry.  

Life on the streets are busy with various street performers--all waiting for a euro or two

We found the huge  Viktualien Markt wonderful fruits, veggies, meats, etc.  
cherries are seasonal fruit--we've even had them for breakfast and 
Featured in many desserts

Transportation of locals--bikes of all kinds--watch out for cyclists 

We stopped in Hofbrauhaus for an afternoon beer
People are friendly and helpful--an E German couple sat next to us and we visited
They speak very good English!  Where I speak no German!
We head back to our train station --jump on first one headed in our direction--only
To find two stops up, everyone disembarked and we are left sitting in an empty
Car!  One up guy popped his head in and indicated we should get off
Have no idea where we would have headed up if we'd stayed on!

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