Thursday, July 14, 2016

Let's Talk German Wine!

Most people think of beer when you say Germany
But, to us, we think of wine--white wine, mostly 

Everywhere!  I do mean everywhere you see 
Vineyards!  In the most unusual places--the steepest 

Neat rows of grape vines

One day we took tour of vineyard--hiking up the pathways 
We had Four tasting spots, each with a different Riesling-- 
Each with little more sugar residue 

Our sampling glass

You would think that the huge vineyard was own by
One person, but not the cause--there are small plots
With each a different owner or a town

This wine tasting was held in an old cellar--dark and filled with barrels

Each sector has a wine queen and a wine proctor.  It is a great honor to 
Be a wine queen, usually a daughter from one of the wine families in that area

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