Saturday, July 16, 2016

Moving On

One of the best ways to travel in Germany is by train.  They are always on time. 

We took first class seats--little money but on a long ride
It is much quieter in the #1 car

This car had an upper area & lower section
I planted myself in the lower--didn't want to lug 
My suitcase up any more stairs!  
We had to go up to tracks, over and down stairs 
Again to get to right train! 

The train made many stops in small villages & 
We traveling along the Rhine River again
Where we saw the same castles and passed several
Caravan parks--these must be permanent locations 
For campers or maybe permanent homes--don't know
But, there were many along the river

Once we settled into our hotel on 40th floor, 
I like to see the view.  Across there sporting and
Entertainment venues

The other direction were banks

And more of this Frankfurt city!  

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