Saturday, June 6, 2015

Urban Cowboy! 35 Years Old??

Here is the June cover of Texas Monthly.  I could not believe that it has been 35 years ago that this movie was released!
Yes, this movie was released on June 6, 1980!  Do you remember the dance craze from movie?
Well, in Texas--those dances have always been around. 
A night club went wild!  The movie spawned an outstanding music album.
And now there will be a special viewing in Austin, TX on June 16.  There is even a beer
named "Gilley's", made by No Label Brewery, Katy, TX.
There are rumors that there will be a reboot of the movie for a TV drama series-
will wonders never cease! 
I'm plugging into my mp3 player and listen to that music all over again and remember those days when we two- stepped across Gilley's dance floor!
Those were the days!

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