Saturday, June 20, 2015

I Found Lost Books!

Recently, we decided to clear out our bookshelves--taking time to go through all the ones we had
took hours--did we read this one?  or that one?
Okay, we put those we think we have read in one pile, another pile for me, a stack for hubby, pile for brown headed daughter,
a box to donate to the library and books that can be posted on Paperback Swap
Amongst all those books, buried in the lowest shelf, this was found!
The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore has no date on the inside cover--
I remember reading all these books when I was 12--oh so many years ago!
what fond memories this book brings back to life!

There was also this book way in the back of the bookshelf--
you can't imagine how many books we have
I love books about fiber related stories
and this is a good story

Oh, another one to re-read again for the enjoyment!

And this one--so beautiful illustrated with spinning, dyeing, weaving--
can't get any better!
We donated 100 books to the library; posted many on PBS, saved just as many as we
donated and posted, but these four books will remain on MY shelf in plain sight!

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