Sunday, June 28, 2015


A Pattern popped up on my Ravelry page the other day when I was searching for shawl patterns.

HAP--what is a HAP?  Sounded interesting and required more investigative work on my part--

Shetland Trader blog was a good source of information about this Shetland knitted shawl.  The blog is authored by Gudrun Johnston and she has many HAP patterns to be found on Ravelry--just type in HAP and you'll find more than you bargained for!

 Years ago I took a lace spinning and knitting workshop with Margaret Stove-- guess I just wasn't in the right place to get the knack of all that lace stuff.  But, now, as I knit lace, It's all making sense to me.

I noticed that Gudrun uses cards to do her stripe sequences for her HAP knitting.
Ribbels wrapping technique

This is not much different than what weavers do to make their warps--so it seems to me that all crafts meet in the middle.  To the right is Karen I's wrappings for her next woven shawl.

Will you begin a HAP?  I think I will!
Below are several websites that you can browse for the history on HAPS--quite fascinating to me!

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