Friday, June 12, 2015

Little Critters!

There are many little critters out there roaming around on plants, animals, etc.
Recently, I found some of these critters in the gardens of the herb farm and other plant locations.
Some I know what they are
but others,
Take this little critter--he sure looks funny!  So don't know what his name is--
wonder if he eats this plant material or just hangs around to
catch lunch--

this little one.  Not so much a ladybug look but
colors are interesting.
Maybe, it took a bite out of the leaf in the background.

And this creature!! Will some day turn into this
beautiful butterfly!

There are some little critters you can't see with the naked eye until...........
you look closely--the red color on this cactus comes from this
little guy--well, gal.  It's a cochineal beetle and it gives us lovely reds when processed.
Cochineal lives on cactus and I love when we drive through the desert and see these
brightly enflamed pads!
Oh, yes, there are interesting little critters lingering out there.

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