Tuesday, January 13, 2015

WOW! The Colors of Weaving!

Sometimes, you just get carried away with the colors of life and in our last WOW (Way Out West Weavers) meeting, we saw wonderful examples of weavings that bring out our senses!
Tracy had a painted warp from a friend who was no longer weaving--not Tracy's colors, but she took this warp and brought it to life!  She is working on creating circles in weaving--not bad, huh? 

She had two examples of painted warp--making lovely scarves to wear.

Let's admire!

This is Tracy's sample for another project--she is certainly an accomplished weaver!

Then we move onto more color in weaving--Karen

This is her double-weave blanket with Tuna wool

All washed, fulled and brushed

Just lusciously soft and comfy!

She even did her fringe on the loom--check out her website for a tutorial video.

These are Karen's little hot-pads made with cotton strips, cut 1/4" wide

I like the way she finished the end with fabric strip

Karen spent part of her holidays in Philippines with her family and of course, being a weaver, she did some shopping and bought some lovely wovens 

Warp faced weave mat.  Even black and white can bring weaving to life.

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  1. Cheryl, It's always fun to see what others make. Tracy's scarves inspired me.
    Thanks for the lovely descriptions of my pieces!