Sunday, January 18, 2015

Memories Abound

While at my mother's house, I sorted through some of her paperwork and looked for her medical information, especially the Living Will.  As I was searching through some of the cabinets and drawers, I came across this small box.  Of course, I was curious and opened it.  There, what to my wandering eyes was this woven necklace!  I had forgotten all about it!  Once made and out of my hands and heart, it is not remembered.  But, here was this piece I had made, oh maybe 20 years ago.  My mother had saved it--mostly, never worn; still intact, dust free, and packed into the back of a drawer.  Did she bring it out to look at?  Or did she just put it away for me to find some day?  I can't ask her as she doesn't remember even the smallest things. How would she remember this from 20 + years ago?  It doesn't really matter--at least, it has been found!  And memories abound for me!

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