Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day of WSW Group--talking weaving

What is WSW group?  Just our Westside Weavers', that's all!  We are an experienced bunch who share our thoughts, ideas, inspirations, failures, and other sundry advice.
Rosemary is our hostess in January and I always love going to her house.  She leaves up her tree for several weeks after the holidays so we can admire all her wonderful handcrafted ornaments

Each ornament is small and Rosemary can tell you who gave her what--there is usually a good story behind each one too.

The front wall of her entrance way is decorated with colorful Molas
Our show and tell begins with Penny, who has her Cricket woven scarves

Penny's business is Skyloom Weavers

This woven scarf has handspun weft

Penny said she didn't feel well for a few weeks--but, she woven these scarves!

She has created this kit for off loom weaving.

This is her hand-woven linen face cloth, weft is African grass

She purchased this linen paper from Habu Textiles and wondered how she could use it.

One of Rosemary's students is really into weaving--being a pianist he has the rhythm to keep good selvedges and loves weaving these delicate patterns; over 140 picks for one pattern repeat.

Rosemary is weaving a prayer shawl for a neighbor friend who is celebrating her Bat Mitzvah.  This shawl is one she wove for her husband.

We are loving this 'newbie' weaver's first yardage!  Four shots of brown and two of gray across a log cabin warp

Another first weaving --purple warp with blue weft--there was a comment about the goose eye not meeting in the center of the white stripe.  Personally, I like the offset of the pattern

Louise showed off her hand painted silk warp scarves--sett @ 32 epi--length was 8 Yds

Weave structure was overshot

Just lovely handle--she was taking her time to twist the fringe.  Great day!  Great Discussion!  Great Weavings!  Inspirational! 

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