Sunday, January 11, 2015


I love Calendars!  I really like those full size calendars--the ones you hang on the wall so you can see the month at a glance. 
This was my calendar from 2014--Sheep breeds--only problem, there was no title to each page, so we must guess what breed?

But, just look at how I can see my schedule for the month--I can write each day's activities, events, etc. and you have an opportunity to look back on what you did that month.  Anyone like ME?  Can't remember what happen yesterday?  well, the calendar can tell you.

I keep my special calendars--like this one, my grandkids gave this to me in 1998--

I love this calendar for special reasons--and I didn't write in it!

This is another special calendar--nope, didn't write in it either!

How fun to see the weaving swatches posted for each month!  and I can reuse this calendar, when those dates roll around again.

This was a gifted calendar--really "loved" each page as I turned

special artists pieces--nope, didn't write in it either.
I really want to look at my 2015 Calendar------just haven't received it yet!  So, when I'm looking at my PC and thinking about a date, I look over to my BLANK wall and there is no 2015 Calendar!!  Oh, well, it will arrive soon enough--hopefully, before the end of January as I'm totally LOST without it!!

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