Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adventures! Or Can We Say Congested!

It was time for that journey into the mountains to go 'leaf peeping'! yes, the aspens are in their full glory and who knows for how much longer they will hold out. It was said that this weekend was the best to view those golden shimmering trees. So, pack up the car and off we go! But, wait, first we must get that cup of coffee to start the day so it was a stop at Caribou. And how great is this, a buy one-get one day too! Only, there was a small problem--we couldn't get there from here! Most of the major streets in the town center were blocked due to a 5K race/walk--it was necessary to maneuver very carefully around all the orange cones and security detail before finally reaching our coffee destination! And it never tasted better.
We are on the road now and traveling at the speed limit, up to US 285, past Morrison, going towards Bailey, but wait, what is this------one big major traffic jam!
We are bumper to bumper--did all these people decide it was time to go 'leaf-peeping' too?? We creeped, we crawled around the corner only to find more traffic--you can always think, "it's going to break up soon" and it did. Only, we come to a electronic sign that reads, "highway closed 14 miles ahead". No, that can not be right! We travel on--the sign must be wrong! But, alas it is not! The road was definitely closed at Jefferson and all traffic was being detoured up the dusty road to the north. We follow for awhile but turn off to Jefferson Lake--mostly, looking for that port-a-potty! And campgrounds do have such. The drive up to the lake was lined with golden aspens and once we arrive (and find that pit stop), we have a goregous view of the lake and surrounding mountains.
Here are some of the aspens that lined the roadway.
And one huge beaver dam--they sure have been busy on this stream.
Golden, red, orange, green--all the colors of fall.
Sun was breaking through and lining the ground with fallen aspen leaves.
View of small lake down from the stream of the beaver dam.

More wonders of nature!

and the bright blue sky above...................

Coming back into Denver, we had less traffic into town. Before we reached Bailey again we ran into another road problem--one lane traffic through construction zone, but that wasn't the trouble; again, we creeped, we crawled to find it had been a motorcycle accident in the construction area--not good! The traffic going west was lined up for 5 miles--they are going to have a long wait to get through the construction handicap. Okay, we can make this a much better day and stop at Coney Island for late lunch. OOPS! Many others had the same idea--it was packed and the line was out the door, down the steps, and around the hot dog shaped diner. Plan B--home!

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