Thursday, September 23, 2010


If you set goals in your life, do you follow them to the letter? Do you write them down? Keep them in your head? Knitter friend Judy P was discussing this topic with me last week on our girls day out. Yes, she has goals and she writes them down and finishes by quarter. This is a good way to work. My list of goals is in my head, so it is easy to reshuffle and resort and sometimes, blank them out. But, Judy P says she actually marks them off the list and knows she is progressing along the right path. My list is also the pile on the table......and now, we are whittling down the pile..........slowly to finish UFO's before we leave the summer home.
At first, when this pattern appeared on the monthly Halloween strip of Fat Cat, there was a thought--'maybe we'll skip this one'. But once, these little critters were completed, it was a winner. Look how cute they are--but, just on fabric!
And the other two blocks made are house rows--colorful. Now, all we need are spooks and trick or treaters to complete the street!
That yarn purchased last week is very "slowly" turning into socks. Pick it up, put it down and
work on the Cascade 220 gaiters made for a military unit to be deployed in November. These are slowly being turned out--not fun to knit, but anything for the soldiers.
Goals are always good and whether they are written down and set in stone or just roaming around in the brain, it gives us the opportunity to progress and learn. Of course, creating new goals before you finish the old ones can be a hazard!!

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