Monday, September 13, 2010

Cherish the Old!

On a recent visit to the DAM (Denver Art Museum) to view the works of Charles Deas' western art paintings, we went to the 6th floor in the north building to also see the textile art pieces on display. It is a rotating exhibit and any textile piece that is displayed is interesting and unique. This time around it was quilts from the 1800's. What a lovely applique quilt--all hand pieced and hand quilted.
This was certainly unique and interesting--petit point on a quilt with tapunto work in sections.

This quilt featured unusual applique blocks with large dividing borders.
And this one with the wonderful crochet fringe.
Broderie Perse or cutout-chintz appliqué technique. Check out this website for further info on this interesting technique that was used prior 1850--Clues in the Calico Club
Others on display included a scrap pieced quilt using the pineapple block--most likely paper pieced--sorry, didn't get photo of that one or others on display. We had quite the incident when the security guard came around to say 'I'm getting a signal that someone is touching the quilts'. Not us--we were just leaning too close to investigate some of the stitching detail--guess it was one of those silent alerts. This happen one other time we visited the Navajo rug exhibit, but there you got a loud buzzer effect when you leaned too close--what's better--loud or silent? Doesn't matter, we just wanted to see up close and personal!!

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