Friday, September 10, 2010


Do you save scraps? Little tiny bits of fabric or yarn? In the studio, there are bins of scraps--all those small pieces that are cut from a large section of fabric. You just never know when you'll need that little piece for a project--it will be just the right color or pattern to add. Do you have at least one bin that looks like this?
and of course, when you try to find that perfect color match, you must empty the bin to find it and you never know what you'll find in your search......................
Wonderful fabrics you had forgotten all about...or interesting fabrics you wonder why in the world did I ever purchase this??
Like this pile--these are large enough to cut 6" blocks--just right for a Binky quilt.
Or these small slivers, which can just be perfect
for that grandmother's fan block. And then there are those little bits of leftover yarns.
8/2 cotton yarns that will fit nicely into a dishcloth warp--color added to a white surface.
and then there are those small bits of handspun--well, you just never know when these will come in handy. Oh, well, time to sort through that other bin in the corner. Might we find something unique there?

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