Friday, September 17, 2010

Uptown Sampler

Every fall, there is an uptown sampler walk about-along 17th Avenue in Denver. We decided to attend again this year. First, we ordered our tickets online via Uptown Sampler and received them via snail mail (still have to use USPS sometimes!).
There is entry form on the back to win one night free lodging at Castle Marne, local bed and breakfast. We are never that lucky to win!
Our first stop is Uptown Tavern where we pick up the walking route and participating stops.
We place the button on our lapel so every location can recognize us as an uptown sampler person.
As we sit on the back patio to eat our chicken sliders and chips, we plan our destination route. If you get tired of walking the long blocks, there are shuttles that will pick up at various locations. We are off to our next sampler, directly across on 17th Avenue--watching closely for traffic we make it to Steuben's truck, a new addition. It seems more and more of these trucks on going on the road. And what did Steubens serve? Pulled Pork, my, how popular are these sliders?
Back across the 17th Avenue drag to visit Avenue Grill . Here we enjoy hot mac and cheese. And yes, it was hot! We used the small plastic cups that were provided and as we sat, the cup shriveled up--too funny! But the mac & cheese was delcious (bacon, lobster with little spice added)
Then to visit the famous or is it infamous (?) Hamburger Mary's. What was served? Well, hamburgers, of course, but as sliders--three different kinds of sliders.
Then, why not a stop in Tastes Wine Bar for a little liquid refreshment? There were also some interesting tidbits of their specialities in the food department. No walk about on 17th Avenue would be complete without a stop into a Mexican restaurant and the perfect place is Las Margaritas where we chowed down on spinach enchiladas and pork tacos with spicy hot salsas. Yummy good!
And one of our favorite restaurants in town--Strings where we got a bottle of Voss Water (can we say smooooooooth water!)and shrimp cevriche and what else but sliders! There is an interesting story about our past visit to Strings; if you ever want to the 'low down' just let me know!
And then we can not forget the pizza parlor--Pasquinis. Everyone votes this as their favorite pizza! Several varieties were placed on the table to sample--one of each please!
and then we rounded out our evening with dessert at the right place..d bar We planned perfectly to end our stroll along 17th Avenue here.
Now, we head back to our car; find the shuttle and round the block we go. We got a chatty driver, who told us all sorts of facts about Denver. Someday, we might write a blog just about that. The weather was super, the company excellent and the food--all A-okay--all this for a mere $20 a ticket--what a bargain.

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