Thursday, January 7, 2010

Take this colorful tangle of yarns that have been hand dyed and what do you think can be created? How about this?
This is the creation of weaver friend Barbara. She used fiber reactive dyes to dye the rayon flake yarns last fall and this week she brought her weaving sample to our meeting, 8H Strickler point twill . Not bad, huh? We had other wonderful wovens presented this week. Our topic of study is color and weave. Here is an example of 'stash' busting by weaver Marion-- A silk scarf. How about Charlene's 30 epi of 20/2 rust, green and golf linen woven in turned twill?
Here are two or her silk scarves sett at 45 epi; variegated gray weft and for second one green/gold weft on black warp. More to come later. We have some talented weavers here!

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  1. Thank you for taking pictures, they are great.