Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year, New Mystery KAL

As a sucker for mystery KAL's, there is no stopping when new year brings some interesting mysteries in the knitting world as well as in the literature world. There are three new knitting mysteries beginning in January that these hands will begin. You will see Kris Knits KAL posted along the side of the blog--check it out. Cool things happen with Kris' knit patterns. Another mystery is beginning on Ravelry with a lace sampler knitting group. This new group will feature a section of lace pattern each month, designed with theme in mind. Do you have lace yarn calling for a lace knitting strategy? Then this is right up your alley. And the third one that is just right for this cold weather--mystery socks! Yes, another pair of mystery socks have begun--and these are from the top down (hate toe up socks so shy away from those patterns until the pattern is complete, then they can be knit from the top down). What a great start! After the next clue this Friday, it's possible that the both socks can placed on two needles. But, for the time being, they will stay on double pointed #1.
Can you see the beads? Maybe should have used off color beads so they would be noticed. What fun it is to add beads to your knitting.
On top of knitting mysteries, two mystery books are being read--one by audio "The Girl Who Played with Fire" the second one of a triple hitter by Swedish author (now deceased) Steig Larsson. This one is when walking and sometimes, the adventure is so lively, you just want to walk further to continue the story line.
And by the bedside is a 'thriller' by Ann Cleeves, "Black Raven"; set in Shetland Isles and the beginning of another three set. Never a dull moment that's for sure.
**Note: I stand corrected as to title of Ann Cleeves first book in Shetland series. It is Raven Black! Definitely a good read!*** See comment regarding a fourth book in the series--which is exciting news.


  1. Hi -- Ann's book is actually called Raven Black and while there are three books in the series so far, the fourth, Blue Lightning is being published in the UK in February. See for more information.

    Disclosure: We run her web site.

  2. Thanks to Roger, a correction to title of first book in Shetland series has been made. After I wrote the blog, I took off on my walk & in thinking about what I wrote, I realized that the title was wrong--so we stand corrected. I certainly appreciate those comments.