Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creative friends

There are those who move among us that are very creative. They are not boastful. They do not 'toot their own horns'. They just quietly move among us. And then one day they display their awesome ability to 'wow' you with their talented work!
This is Olga. And this is her latest piece--Titled "MELT"

which was accepted in the exhibition "The Climate is Changing !", a juried traveling exhibition of felt textile art on the impact of human actions on the environment.
The exhibition will be opened at the Museo del Tessuto (Textile Museum), Prato, Italy on May 7,2010 and then will tour Germany and the United Kingdom and possibly other countries during 2010 & 2011.
Her tools are her hands, bubble wrap, wool, some silk and lots of hard work. Of course, her design idea came first.

The back of the piece and close-up of brilliant blue locks. Her scarves were featured in Harper's Bazaar online holiday gift guide "Luxury gifts for women who have it all". (#9 on slide show)
ART-FELT by Olga--an up and coming new international designer and talented artist. Yes, there are those artistic people who walk quietly among us.

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