Monday, January 18, 2010

Flannel comforts

A call went out from a quilter in our ex-patchers group. Flannel blankets were needed by doctor in a small community; the doctor wanted to give newborns in her center a little warmth and comfort since many of the parents were lacking financial funds to provide some essentials. This is a plea easily answered. On a recent visit to the local craft store, several discounted remnants were spotted in the bin--flannel and knit fabrics.
Purchasing length same as width for the top, add contrasting fabric for backing with right sides together, sew around (leave small opening for turning), turn, press and you have a nice blanket. Combining these fabrics along with a couple yards purchased from the bolt, three blankets were sewn. The pink plaid has been backed with a solid pink. The other two blankets will need a backing.
Take #5 perle cotton (there are many cones in my weaving supply closet!) and do a blanket stitch around the sides. This adds a nice finish to the blanket.


  1. What a nice treat for those newborns!

  2. The blanket stitch is a nice touch. I usually just do a topstitch 1/4 inch inside the edge. I will do the blanket next time.