Thursday, January 14, 2010

Roc Day Weaving

These weavings were on the display table.
This was a lovely piece but being black it was hard to photograph.
This piece shows what you can weave using just crochet cotton.
Wonderful Christmas towels.
Nice weave structure!
And then there were those who were 'stalked' for the weavings they were wearing. This was scarf designed by Randall Darwall and woven by this weaver's friend--what a great gift to wear!
This weaver was wearing one of her creations--a twill weave structure. The black really pops the colors!
And then there were the woodmaker vendors who designed and produced lovely weaving equipment.
Lease sticks (above) and shuttles (below) created by Michael Harris
It was a super day to visit with friends from far and near plus an opportunity to see what others were doing in the fiber field. This Roc Day was sponsored by Baton Rouge guild--Bayou Yarn Benders--don't you just love that name? And this proves that weaving, spinning, knitting and 'hooking' are very much alive and well.

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