Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Roc Day Fiber

It seems the 'hookers' were in full force at Roc Day! Amazing what one can do with a blank canvas and a few strips of wool. The first photo is a close-up of floral rug in the booth of Rug Hooking vendor, Carrie. Sorry to say that Carrie doesn't have a website; she just gives an email address. If you are interested in her shop, please comment and that email will come to you directly. Here is close-up of one of Carrie's lovely rugs--patchwork crazy, but so cool! And take a look at these wonderful little wool pincushions Here is Marcia from Kenner, LA who hooked the flower rug. Marcia was using the time at Roc Day to do the binding around the flower shape.
Isn't this lovely? And so colorful.
Of course, there were many handspun knitted items featured at the event. It was great fun to look around the room and find some outstanding knitwear creations. Sometimes, you had to really 'stalk' the knitter to settle them to a place where you could talk about their work.
This was a Christmas exchange gift--wouldn't you like to receive this at your party? The recipient said she had to fight hard to keep the beaded scarf! Guess it was one of those 'steal' parties.
This scarf was felted piece. Karen uses bubble wrap to felt. She weaves the wool strips and then works away with the bubble wrap until the scarf is perfect! Quite a nice piece!
And what a diverse garment! Just a simple knit purl tube, tied at the top to use as a hat; untie and you could use as a cowl. The mohair locks knitted in at the crown add just the right touch.
Noro yarn is the highlight of this clapotis pattern. These were just a few of the knitted items that could be tracked down and photographed. Next post will feature the weavings of Roc Day. Stay tuned.

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