Thursday, June 27, 2019

Off The Loom!!!!

After weeks, no--most likely months--I've cut off 7 yards of warp!
A warp and weft of all my handspun natural cottons (been stock piled for awhile)
It feels so good when you pull off the last bit and take the scissors
to finish off a project!

Done!  Ready to tie on another one--

what a view--a stack of towels.

This brings back memories of the indigo dyed handspun cotton 
piece of 10 yards I did many moons ago--That piece was
juried into several exhibits and was chosen to represent
the state of Louisiana at Convergence--Handweavers Guild
of America biannual conference in Toronto, Canada--the first
Convergence held outside of US. 

From the seven yard warp, here are the seven towels that
are finished with hems--just need to wash to complete
the project

Although the warp was the same--I varied the weft sections--
whatever yarn I had on the bobbin was thrown--this
section was alternated with white and brown cotton.


  1. Cheryl,
    Those are beautiful towels and a lot of hand spun cotton for 7 of them.

  2. So beautiful :) I am a very new weaver, and a fairly new spinner, your post is inspiring :)