Wednesday, March 8, 2017

West Houston Quilt Exhibit

Over the weekend, I attended the West Houston Quilt Exhibit, held at the Berry
Center in Cypress, Texas--
this local guild brings excitement to the community with their biennial
exhibit.  I always like to see what challenges that have been issued
to the members.

Love this challenge!  Candy!  What candy bar would you use to make
a quilt?  This one is PayDay--Made and quilted by Gloria Ware!
Such fun!  Pattern was from Owl Be Home by Christmas by Cherry Guidry
Celeste Fritz "Love Dark Chocolate!" 
Star Light, Star Bright from book
Hershey's Yes!!

Phyllis Rucker loves Mounds bars,
she chose "Mounds Moroccan Tiles"

Oh, can you guess what candy bar?
Bee Twixed!  clever name by Barbara Wenker
Taken from a pattern by Kathleen Andrews,
KwiltArt Patterns  This won third place in
the category 

I know what this one represents!
Peanut M&Ms by Lillie Hays
This was her original design and it
won an award

Hersey's at it again!  This one by Annie Forrest
No reference of pattern 

A collaboration between Pamela Hensley and Georgia
Johnson brings us Heath Bar--the note said:
the pattern was chosen because the ruler was on sale--
no reference to which ruler, except it does triangles
Here you have Millie Savage's take on Mr. Goodbar
titled "Sunflowers" pattern from Laundry Basket Quilts
by Edyta Star--raw edge applique

Do you like Babe Ruth Candy Bars?
Here's Linda Stewart's take on that candy.
It's quilted by Lillie Hays

"Run For Snickers" by Jean Fleming,
also quilted by Jean

Halloween theme was the creative way
Alice Sadeghpour decided to go with
Skor Candy Bar; quilted by Lillie Hayes
First place winner!!

And bet you can guess that candy?
M and M's, of course!
Teresa Beautz's "Old School Meets
New School", also quilted by Teresa--
this won second place prize.
check in tomorrow for more info

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