Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weaver's Delight!

We are photo laden today!  And that's a good thing!
Our March WOW (Way Out West) Weavers met at a local library
to share their past adventures and weaving tidbits.

It's is so difficult to show off this lovely table square--
and it is square!  Since we are responsible to fill a basket
of goodies for the June CHT conference--our group chose
a kitchen theme.  This was woven by Marion C--

It is Spot Bronson weave structure--she felt that since we
are a weaving group, our basket should include wovens, hence
this lovely piece!  

It is woven with 8/2 cotton, sett at 24 epi

She even fringed all sizes and hem stitched to
add a polished note to the piece.
Wish I could win this basket!

Our other Marian C also decided to add something woven to
the basket--a linen table runner!

She finished it off using a Finnish technique to
soften the linen--she found the article in older 
Handwoven magazine--it's also good to keep those
old magazines around--never know when you'll find
something that will add to your knowledge

Such a nice finish on the hem--just too
marvelous for words!

Three of the gals took a recent workshop with Sarah H Jackson
She presented her Color Confidence workshop
Color is one of the most exciting components of weaving, and… learning to use colors confidently can be challenging. Mixing yarn colors doesn't work like mixing colors with paint, and even experienced professionals with in-depth color knowledge are often surprised by color effects in woven cloth. In these workshops, participants will explore fresh ideas for developing color studies, learn how various weave structures impact color interaction, and understand how to effectively translate color combinations into woven cloth.

There was some wrapping of yarns to see how design in
color works

Then the samples came out on the table.
This one, according to the weaver, was not
successful--she didn't like the way the 'tracking'
showed up in the structure.

I liked it!  Simple plain weave--and you get this pattern
just from warp and weft

Each weaver chose a colored warp from ones
that Sarah had pre-wound.  I'll take any warp
that is already pre-wound!!

Then the warp was crossed with various treadlings--

Here is another weaver's warp--8/2 cotton
sett at 18 epi

A glance at plain weave structure with
different warp colors

There are many elements to this runner to be liked

And this one--you can see the difference that color

Oh yeah!!

This was an interesting workshop for those who enjoy color

To top off the meeting, Marian C, pulled out this
exquisite weaving she is doing for Complex Weavers,
fine threads group!  Oh, WOW!
She used four colors in this runner--can 
you see the color differences?  Neither could she

Her selvedges are perfect and there you can
see two of the colors

Alas, this lovely runner will be cut into sections
to share with the other members of the fine threads
study group.  We can't wait to see what others wove for
this challenge--and our Marian said she was not 
happy with this!  Can you believe?

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