Thursday, March 9, 2017

Textile Challenges!

Let's take at look at some of the challenges that were presented at the West Houston Quilt Exhibit--got to compete in a challenge in order to win a ribbon, award or reward!

How would you handle these challenges to put your
creative mind at work?

Use the same group of fat eighths to make a quilt
must be 30" square + or - 3"
use any technique as long as it classifies as a quilt
(top, batting, back)
can be quilted, embellished, one fabric may be added or

This one is more of a challenge:  Each participant
donates a holiday themed fat quarter
Each person does a blind draw of that fat quater
Each person has to make a quilt for the holiday that
is represented by that fabric
quilt size limited to using the drawn fat
quarter for the backing--otherwise, small!

There was the one challenged I posted photos of
in yesterday's blog:  Make a quilt using the colors of the
wrapper of favorite candy (one color can be added)

There was the one color challenge
Round Robin challenge within a bee

All of these give a pretty good representation of putting your mind to work--
I'm thinking--oh, no!  that could be a problem!!
how can we use these challenges in other fiber art medium.........?
hmmmm, watch out spinners and weavers!!

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  1. OH YES!
    Put on your thinking hat for a challenge for Spin In-
    Or add one for this coming year - we have plenty of time.