Monday, March 6, 2017

UFOs Bite The Dust!!

I always have a good day when I can say I accomplished something in the studio--
finished!  UFO!  Out of the bin into the world it comes!

I've had this one waiting in the wings for awhile--this was to
be made for the WOW weavers basket for CHT
June conference--my contribution--
I like making these hot pads.   I use indigo dyed woven fabric
for both the lining and the main.  These are some yarns that
I dyed and wove several months ago--and sometimes I hate to cut it up--
but I'll weave more--some day!  And this will go for a good
cause.  I also used my indigo dyed fabric for the bias tape trim.
One down!!

The other pattern that has been sitting around for awhile
is this!  I have made several of these--kept two and gave
many away for gifts.  I found this kit in the bottom of 
the UFO bin--so, it must be sewn
This is also using my handwoven indigo dyed yarns for
the outside and indigo dyed cotton cloth for the lining

Perfect blocks for this!

Great for storage of scissors, thread, pins, etc.
It is also a catch all for any loose threads

So excited! To finish another UFO!

Oh, then there is this kit!  Holy Smokes--I have
no idea how old it is--but, I had done all the
stitching on the wool front and back

This is the back

This is the front

Here are the handles--the whole kit was complete except for
assembling--why do I procrastinate with something that is
al------most finished!!
Okay, finally the handles are attached to the front

and the back!  And I have a great carrying bag for my sewing
supplies--another UFO bites the Dust!!
wonder what else is just waiting for a few
simple stitches to be finished??

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