Thursday, October 1, 2015

Two From Jessica!

Two of my quilts came home from the awesome quilting machine of Jessica!  These are two that I made last year--2014.  Everyone is surprised that I dye my backing.  Yes, I'm a lazy person--rather buy 120" plain muslin (get it on sale at Jo-Ann's Fabric--I use a 50% off coupon).  Then I decide on the color I want for the back and dye with a union dye.
No seam down the middle--just solid!

This is my Row by Row BOM from Quilt Doodle Designs, who has an applique quilt blocks this year.

and my penguin quilt--everyone loves!!  These patterns are available from Fatcat Patterns for a small fee.  If you join at the beginning of her BOMs, you can pick up each month's pattern--free!  But, you must make sure you come back each month to save the pattern.
I love Sindy's patterns!

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  1. Where are the images of the backs? With the build up of muslin and Union dye - wanted to know what your color choices were.