Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cooking From The Ages

It has been a long haul--we are cleaning up mother's house.  She is in Assisted Living facility and we know and she knows there is no way she can live alone.  There is so much "stuff" to sift through.  I stacked her cookbooks in one section of the house till I had more dedicated time to read through them.

Here was one of her books--of course, it is mid-century (don't you just love that word?!), printed in 1956--even though I lived that period of time, I don't ever remember this book.

On the first page, she printed this.........
so I turned to age 293

Have cooking habits changed since this book was printed?

I think I might try this recipe--sounds interesting.  IN fact, I might take these "mid-century" recipes and update them--that's when I start cooking again!

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