Monday, October 19, 2015

Generation Gap!

Yes, we are still working to distribute mother's household items.  I don't want to give away anything that can be used by one of our family members.  So, as we cleaned out shelves, pantry, drawers, I would take a photo and text family--"Do you want this?"

I found a whole stack of Corning Ware in the cabinet, so texted granddaughter--"Do you want some Corning Ware?"  Her text back was "What's Corning Ware?"  WHAT?  You don't know Corning Ware?  I was shocked!  Then I thought--she's only 25 why would she know Corning Ware?

Corning Ware has changed over the century--the sets are more colorful and the smart blue flowers have been removed--and yes, there was a snap on-off handle!  
Okay, another one of those generation gaps--but This Corning Ware set will be loved and used!
And No, she didn't want the Corning Ware!  


  1. Did you explain that it's safe for use in the microwave and better for that than using plastic? I'm sure she depends on the microwave for meals. I have the set with autumn designs - never liked the blue.

    1. Even after explaining all the good qualities of CorningWare, she still didn't want it! Her loss!

  2. There are times I wish my vintage Corning Ware would break!!!