Thursday, October 22, 2015

"She Came To The Valley"

I shoved this book into one of the boxes with the old recipe books--
 remembered mother being so excited that a movie was being made in the Valley
and she and her sister were going to be extras--no pay though, just the experience of 
being in a movie.

I pulled the book out the other day and opened the first page.
There was a sweet note from the author of the book, dated August 18, 1977

and on all the other pre-pages, there were signatures from the actors (Scott Glenn and Dean Stockwell), other extras, directors and various sundry movie people!  

She certainly had a wonderful time being a part of Valley history.
I also remember that she and my aunt worked diligently  on their costumes--nothing in return
but a chance to be in the movie.
I can imagine that their days were filled with dust, hot temperatures, hours of just
sitting--all for the glory of being an extra

I found a photo of Mother (left) and Aunt Sue (right) all dolled up in
their handmade costumes.  I think of the filming time and can't believe
they wore those costumes during the heat of the summer--"She Came To The Valley"
was one of the highlights of mother's life.
I found a DVD copy of the movie recently, but I didn't watched it--
I sent it to Aunt Sue--maybe, she'll watch it with her grandkids
and they'll share some memories of mother and Aunt Sue in their big adventure!
For me, I think I'll read the book!


  1. What an adventure! Save it all, take it to Antiques Roadshow and just see how much it's worth with all those autographs. :) Then sell it and go on a cruise or ... a trip to the grocery store at least. There's a long interesting review of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes written by a history buff evidently who wanted to set the record straight. LOL

    1. Thanks--I need to look up the review on Rotten Tomatoes--and then try to tell Mother about it. I know my Aunt Sue will be interested too.