Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When Nothing Else Works-----DYE!

When one of our weaving friends moved to the West Coast, she had a super sale--sold everything out of her fiber closet that she wasn't taking with her.
I bought a few skeins of this gray or is it grey (?) alpaca/wool blend.  Although it is commercial yarn, it had a nice handle and it was good quality.  I didn't much like the color, but it was a bargain--you know how it is with a bargain!  I thought of it for awhile and then decided I could DYE it and it would be useful in one of my knitting projects

So, I skeined it off on my niddy-noddy; tied it securely for the dyepot

I selected a magenta acid dye and went for it--

I think this will be used in one of lace shawl patterns.  The tie strings, which are wool, shows the color of the primary dye.  Overall, I'm pleased!
So, when all else fails, over dye!

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