Sunday, March 22, 2015

What is Old is Useful Again!

Recently, at one of our expatchers gatherings, Linda was pressing her fabrics for a future project. 
Press, press, press at the stand-up ironing board with a regular iron.
Judy M came to her rescue!  "Why not use the
What is an Ironrite? you ask!  The greatest invention for the ladies in the late 1940's!
The company was founded by Herman A. Sperlich and Johannes M. Uhlig in the early part of the 20th Century. They started in Detroit and eventually moved to Mt. Clemens, Michigan where they became a mainstay of the local economy, providing about 400 jobs until the factory closed in the late 1950s

Oh, yeah, you were lucky if you had one of these machines in your household--no more standing to iron large qualities of laundry--and ironing was a major chore of the women in 1950's!
Lucky for Linda, Judy has an Ironrite and she heated it up quickly and away you go!

Just place your fabric on the board and let the Ironrite do the job--perfectly pressed without any effort from you!
Today's weavers even use this machine as a mangle for their linen woven fabric
If you are interested, you can find used Ironrites on EBay.

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