Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sashing with Karen

"Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere" Life Lessons According to Regina 

 Karen has these blocks to assemble..........

Really good color combination, but she has a dilemma==What sashing should she use? 

I suggest laying out the blocks with some sashing choices and take a photo--it's amazing what the camera eye sees that ours don't.  Okay, we laid out the blocks and put down the cross bars.  What do you think was her choice?

And now, what do you we should use for the outside borders? 
This one?

This one?

How about this?

Another choice

Then, this one.  What did she choose?  We won't know until she brings the quilt top back next month; then we'll see.  What would you choose if this was your quilt?
Now, here is Karen's choice:
She decided to use just red for the intersections and now will work on the border 

She will use the curling ribbon for her outside border with a light inter border

A small sample of the ribbon effect--she is going to use the solid red for the half block--will be interesting quilt top. Soon we'll see the finished project!

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