Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weave, Wove, Woven

"Envy and jealousy is a waste of time. You already have all you need" Life Lessons According to Regina

Oh Yeah!  We are weaving!
I love the day we have our weavers study group gathering--especially when there is some show and tell--I think it's the touchy feely part of the whole meeting

Tracy had a pile of towels!  Yes, a whole 11 yards worth of warp!

All piled up neatly with delicious and colorful weavings

The touch was pure organic cotton

Wouldn't you love one of these towels in your kitchen?

I would only bring them out on special occasions!

D'Anne was wearing this great scarf--we even un-dress those who come with wearables--

Don't you love this silk warp and weft?

All hand dyed.
Barbara had bamboo scarves 

Canvas weave structure

Karen enjoys shapes and designs in her work so she wove this double binding rug, set at 6 epi

It is definitely revisable

Karen is also working on a tapestry journal/diary.  Each month she will work a different technique--here is January and February

and the back could be used as a rya carpet.  Will be anxious to see what she comes up for March's lesson.  Yes, We are weaving and our woven textiles are making people happy!

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