Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ruby Celebration!

Where were you Forty (40) years ago in late October?  Were you fortunate enough to attend that first quilt festival?  I wasn't there!  But, over the years, it has been star on my calendar--Quilt Fest--a place where you meet other quilters, learn new techniques, sew up a storm, admire craftsmanship of many hands--a marvelous place.  This festival has grown from one hall to many halls in the convention center.  A few vendors to many rows of vendors. 
This year was Ruby Celebration of the Quilt Festival--a must to attend, even if only for a short time. 

What a grand entrance!!  Everyone a Red and White Quilt!  There is much to admire--so little time to stop and see each one in all their glory.

Small quilts!


Traditional quilts worked with all reds.

It is said that all reds work well together and this is proof!


The circle of Ruby!

I concentrated on interesting and unusual. This was a special exhibit to support Libby  in battle to pay for medical expenses
Words of Libby!

A whole wall of support!

Special exhibits...............

Don't we feel like we are swimming upstream at times?


Quilts with small pieces in historic textiles

Just a plain four patch--

small pieces in contemporary

colorful ones

busy ones

more color

Let's do Dolls!

I admire this creativity!

A special dinnerware setting exhibit

Looks delicious enough to eat!

Definitely miniatures!

more colorful quilts

Busy works of art!

Leaning houses!

contemporary quilts--row by row!

And wow! circles!

The day I visited the halls were sparse with attendees, so was perfect time to walk through the halls and dream of being back here again next year!!

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