Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Wilds of the Quilt Studio!

The studio is definitely going Wild lately!  Once it was nice and organized and now, there is another side working in the studio!  How do you keep fabric organized when you pull out colors, patterns, textures to fit your sewing needs? 
I HATE putting things back in their place!!!!
There are just a 'few' UFO's sitting around the studio--
Finished the Quilt by Row--featured on the side panel--really enjoyed working on this one row a month.  I'm looking for just the right blue to put on the border and then I'll look for just the right backing.  So guess, what?  I'm auditioning fabrics for border and backing......another reason the studio has gone wild!

The owls are hooting cute!  But--once again, I'm auditioning fabric for the borders--another batch of fabrics pulled out.

I did find this great backing fabric (ON SALE)--just need to seam it up, press and it will be ready for the quilters.

Oh, gee whiz!  I have this pile of 2.5" batik strips--what to do with them???  Have no idea, so they just lie around for some inspiration to hit the brain--

And.................I have all these embroidered blocks!  I love doing stitching--doesn't matter what the pattern is--I will do it!  Now, I have a collection of Christmas pieces--

and while auditioning the border fabrics, I found the great brown tree fabric that will work for borders for this quilt--if we ever get to it.  Into one of my plastic bins, this will go!

See this pile of T-shirts?  I didn't count--but must be over 20 of them.  I don't wear T-shirts much anymore and after seeing my Judy friends with their T-shirt quilt designs, I'm thinking Why Not?

These are just a few of the sheep shirts that have been collected over the years--into another bin--got to keep these 'wild' things in check somehow! 
Hope your studio isn't too wild to tame!

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