Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Case of The Three Warps!

The Case of The Three Warps is a solvable mystery!! If only, my mind would sort through all those files in storage and come up with the answers. 
Here is the mystery. 
There are three warps in the weaving room.  The white one on the warping board; the multi-colored one on the right--it's handspun wools; and the blue, gold cotton warp in the middle.
Let's look for some clues.

I know I had these handspun yarns in my stash.  And I know they were wound and looped into a warp.  I can measure the warp by undoing the warp--ah, it's 3 yards long and it looks to be 6" wide.  Now, that makes perfect sense.  Mystery solved!  This is meant for a scarf!

Second warp--the blue and gold cotton warp.  Clues--it's at least 4 yards long; there are 8 gold and 8 blue in each section.  I discovered the cones--it is 8/2.  And there are 4 sections of each color--after that, I ain't got a clue!!  I found this warp in the yarn closet.  Do you think it's possible for warping gremlins to be working without my knowledge?  What to do with this warp is beyond me?  Must have been a good reason to wind the warp and braid it.

and the third warp--is 20/2 (as I had the cones right there!) cotton from two cones--about six yards in length.  First clue tells me that it isn't finished warping!  Second clue tells me this is yarn for towels or washcloths--there are NO notes with these warps--how could a person be soooooo spacey not to include notes with each warp? 
Oh, well.................................................guess we'll get creative and use the warps since they are already wound.  BUT< next warp will have attached notes with them!! 
Stay tuned to see if the mysteries are solved!

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