Friday, November 28, 2014

Leader and Ender Projects

When you sew--do you just pull out the threads after seaming?  Or do you use a small scrap of fabric to stitch and break the thread?  Or do you use a leader/ender project?
After many years of sewing--I learned to use this method of saving not only thread but working on another project as I'm completing one.
Bonnie Hunter had the idea first!  Here is her 2014 leader/ender Lozenges--it just takes a little prep work to get started
cut into those scraps to get 3.5"x 6.5" (that's what I'm using) rectangles

then there are these 2" squares leftover from another project

sew dark to light on each corner--diagonally

light on dark--press, cut corners and repeat

stack them up and keep sewing throughout the year to have a completed quilt top!
Of course, I'm thinking--this leader/ender project is becoming 2015 UFO!

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