Thursday, November 6, 2014

OOOOH, What a Disaster!!

 I can only do this for so long!  My Sewing Room is one big disaster!
Yes, I do have some bins for fabric assortment.  My room is only so big for bins and there isn't a place to put anymore!

But, on top of these bins, I placed a piece of plywood and begin to stack my fabrics on top since I couldn't get them into the bins anymore.  It got to the point I couldn't tell what was what or where it was.  There has to be a solution!

Stacks and stacks of fabric!  and every time I wanted a different fabric from the stack, I had to take them down, rummage through them to find what I wanted.
Solution!  Thanks to my Bonnie Hunter Gal friends--I bought some storage containers.  Now, each project in progress is placed in a bin, ready to take out and work with.  Of course, you notice on the floor is a pile of flannel that is to be used for charity baby blankets--on my to do list!

Easy to see through--yes, I know what project that is! 
The small amounts of fabric, I folded into neat bundles and placed in one of the plastic storage bins--gee, I can see them clearly!

and then--the magic!!  I grabbed an unused bookcase, turned it sideways, placed it on top of the storage racks and whoa!  I have compartments to place these fabrics.  The BH gals(mainly friend Judy P) told me about the cardboards used for comic books!  I ordered 200 of those things! and

had a field day folding my fabrics onto the boards!  yes, I can see them now!  When I have time, I'm going to color coordinate them. 
Do you think I have them all sorted?  Well, NO!  Just take a long at the whites to the left--need to order more boards.
My granddaughter is a rep for Thirty-one Gifts and I found this wonderful bin in their last catalog.  I have two other larger bins used to store linens, but this one is smaller and perfect for the white fabrics.

Then, to the back of the stack is more yardage fabrics.  Really don't think I can roll them around those boards, so they stay in the 'background'!
so glad to have my sewing room half way looking good! 


  1. What fabulous progress you are making. I am loving the comic book covers.

    1. Me, too! I found two sizes which I can use. Too bad they don't fit upright in the bins!