Monday, November 10, 2014

Stiletto This....................................

Recently, I saw this tutorial!  And thought--what a great idea!  Easy to make and perfect little gift for all my sewing friends.  Thanks to Mary L Tosch for sharing this information!
First off, I looked in every store that I visited for a week--no poultry lacing kits!  and you would think with Thanksgiving just around the corner, there would be plenty of these things around!  Going to the internet was the next thought--you know, you can find anything on the internet!!!

Next to find the jewelry glue that is recommended in the tutorial--I had to settle for this instead.  but, it works!

I think the hardest thing about this whole project is finding beads that will fit onto the shaft

I have a large selection of beads, too!  But, there were only so many that would fit comfortably.  I did break a few when I forced them on--not a good idea!

Now, we have a supply of sewing stilettos to give sewing friends!  Once, I got started, I couldn't stop!

Take a look at Mary's list of what a stiletto will do for you!  My friends said it was the prettiest thing on their pincushion.  

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