Sunday, September 14, 2014

All Those Little Pieces---More Orphan Blocks.......................

Orphans!  Yes, I'm having so much fun with all my orphan blocks....................guess it's the creative function that is the fun!  And.................all those blocks that I thought would just be thrown away are being used.
Once I had these all placed on the floor, I thought 'this looks super great as a folk style top' and guess what............

every one of these pieces in this quilt are ORPHANS!  I did not make one extra block, half square triangle, flying geese--nothing extra was produced to create this!  Now, that makes me feel really good and my scrap pile is diminishing!

Here is another orphan put together.  Pam had a large panel and all these outer blocks to use--clever gal, she used the smaller blocks as a border!  Perfect for a child's room!
Oh my!  how to use those odd blocks?  Well, here is another one of those ways to create a top--it might not all be in the same theme, but by golly, it works!

a super way to use all those paper pieced flower blocks around a large block completed in a workshop.  And I love to do embroidery, but no rhyme or reason how to use--  What do you think?  It works for me!  I even found a yardage in my scrap bin to use for the background--hurrah for me!
Remember this from a previous post?  Jessica's pink/brown orphan blocks?
Well, here it is finished!  Notice that she changed out the middle block

By changing out that center block, the quilt has a totally different look.  I think she changed out a lot of other blocks--hmmmm?

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