Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dryer Balls!!

What do you do when you have all this
aged fiber?  Yes, aged fiber, that has been sitting around for years!  We are talking ten years or more and you know, just know, there is no way this is ever going to be spun...of course, the colors are nice and the fiber is nice, but REALLY?  And then the idea hits you..............

you remember you have all these old panty hoses!  yes, do you remember panty hose? and when is the last time you wore panty hose?  Like forever ago!!  Perfect..............

you take that aged fiber (keep reminding myself, it has been aged!) and you roll it into a nice firm ball

and place it in those aged (yes, they are perfectly aged and of no use now!) panty hose; tie a knot between each ball and then you throw them into the washer with hot water--yes, very hot water!  Then you throw them into the dryer--with some towels and they bang around and around until....

you pull them out! and they are dry, firm little balls of solid aged fiber!  Oh my!  What fun that was!  and they actually work with drying clothes--no use for dryer sheets anymore!  If I want scent, it will be the scent I buy to put on them............................oh, so

adictive!  I have to make more!  Isn't there some more aged fiber just waiting to be used!  Of course, there is.................more balls of aged fiber into aged panty hose into the washer and dryer.  What the heck is that fiber doing--coming out the pores?  It's okay

because the hose pulls off nicely and we have more of those

wonderful dryer balls!  Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas???