Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rocky Mountain Quilt Workshop With Laura Wasilowski

Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival came to Loveland, Colorado in August--a cool respite in the middle of a hot summer month!  I have attended in the past just as a visitor to see exhibits and vendors.  But, this year, I decided I would take a workshop or two.  My first workshop was with
Laura Wasilowski.  I was familiar with her fusing work and since I enjoy fusing applique, knew she could give me some good pointers.
We began with these lovely hand dyed fabrics

Each strip had the Wonder Under fused already and we were ready to go

We used small amounts of color to get the 'hang' of the process

"free cut" shapes and fused!  Weird, I know, but she said just cut small shapes free style--never know what your brain says to your hands!

We learned how to use transfer

to make birds!  lovely happy birds!  These are Laura's bird samples

The eyes of the bird makes a difference!

And samples of Laura's work to be inspiration for our birds.

nesting bird

legs for birds and composition

other objects for birds

my table mate's birds

And my birds!  What a fun workshop & I learned how to fuse small pieces to create a larger object.
Check out Laura's website--she gives advice often.

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